"Helping people overcome obstacles."


HOPE Alliance of Missouri is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) company dedicated to helping those in Phelps County, MO and the surrounding areas who face obstacles due to the lack of financial resources.


  • HOPE Alliance of Missouri is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) company.

  • We strive to equalize the playing field for underprivileged children through our Friday Backpack Program.

  • Another aim is to help women who are trying to get back on their feet, by offering a Job Skills Workshop.

  • In helping emancipated teenagers, we provide hygiene kits and other necessities for them at no cost.

  • Because of an initial grant from Pepsi (Rolla) we offered a pilot program in 2013 called After-School Wheels; a transportation program for school-aged children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend valuable enrichment services after school. Unfortunately, after one year, we could not obtain any other grants to keep this viable. So, it is now on-hold (although our dream is to continue this program once we secure grants).


The Friday Backpack Program provides local school children with bags filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food. The food is packed in non-descript bags and given to the children every Friday so that they have food to eat over the weekend.
Studies have shown that children who have food-insecurities, i.e. not enough food to eat, achieve less at school than their better fed counterparts. This is a confidential program.



Hygiene kits and other necessities are given to local emancipated teenagers to help them meet basic needs, while trying to finish high school.


When women are ready to get on their feet and start a new chapter in their lives, or if they just need a refresher course, HOPE Alliance of Missouri will put on a Job Skills Workshop, teaching women the basics of filling out a job application, learning how to create a resume, reviewing how to conduct an interview, and what to wear (and what not to wear) on an interview.



Abundant Blessings vision is to cultivate a sense of community, in Phelps County, the 25th  Circuit and beyond, in order to support families so they can achieve success.  To fulfill this vision, Abundant Blessings mission is four-fold through care for physical needs, connecting community members to establish a network of support, cultivating knowledge to empower families and communicating needs to the community.  Click here to learn more and contact us.


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