Invest in our Future

HOPE Alliance of Missouri, a 501(c)(3) company, was founded in 2008 to help fill the void left by government assistance programs. Our programs are aimed at giving temporary help and hope to those who have fallen on hard times, or to those who are classified as the working poor.
Faith Ann Barnes, Founder and current Executive Director, had a vision of helping people at an early age. Through research and prayer, HOPE Alliance of Missouri was born. Faith has extensive volunteer experience helping in soup kitchens, resale shops, after-school programs, in-school tutoring programs, family court, and abuse shelters. Through these experiences she learned that the key is to give someone hope and not just a handout. Provide opportunities and people will succeed.
At HOPE Alliance of Missouri, we aim to carry out Faith's vision to help provide opportunities and resources to our neighbors. We couldn’t have come this far without your generous contributions. Donate today, and help make a big impact on the lives in our community.